RAW, 29 maj 2018

Henryk Arctowski was a Polish scientist and explorer. Living in exile for a large part of his life, he was one of the first persons to winter in Antarctica and became an internationally renowned meteorologist. 

He was instrumental in restoring Polish independence after the First World War. Several geographical features, the Henryk Arctowski Polish Antarctic Station and a medal of the National Academy of Sciences are named in his honor.

During the Anctartic Expedition Arctowski was assisted by another Polish explorer and meteorologist - Antoni Dobrowolski. Arctowski and Dobrowolski were the first to conduct year-round meteorological and hydrographical observations off Antarctica. This graphic design is dedicated to them, their achievements and to the crew of the Henryk Arctowski Polish Anctartic Station which celebrates the 40th anniversary of its foundation this year.

May this t-shirt be an inspiration for you. Reach far as they did, make your dream come true and never stop exploring!


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